Monday, 8 October 2007

Life as a cartoon

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Okay, so I cant seem to get rid of this underlining so I will make this a short post!

I got bored one afternoon a few months ago, and as usual I started messing about with photoshop. I too a picture of myself and painted over it with similar colours to the picture and created this alter-ego cartoon impression of myself - nifty eh?

What do you think?


Azzitizz said...

I would probably look a lot better in cartoon form!

Max said...

Hey you!

I like your alter-ego cartoon :).
I just have one suggestion: it was very hard to read the grey text, on the black background! Perhaps you could do something about that :)...

Thanks for coming over to my blog (I am sure you'll get an award soon)!

I hope you drop by MAX more often...