Monday, 11 August 2008

I Will Never Forget . . .

. . . The memory of playing a gig with two strippers on stilts dancing around in the crowd! What an awesome night that was!

REALLY awesome to see people are still loving the Jack and Stephanie saga! I was worried about the last installment, I felt that I had rushed it and that it wasn't perfect, but yet you all seem to love it so that makes me feel better!

I have a busy two weeks ahead of me, another gig this week and then LEEDS FESTIVAL next week which is going to be amazing! Along with all this I have to sort out some bills and things that I diddn't realise I was still paying, and also rewrite some crappy essays and assignments from last year at uni which I failed - I have never been academic and these essays appeared at times when my world was being turned upside down! Thats my excuse anyway . . .

I have big plans for the next installment of Jack and Stephanie, I have all the ideas for it lolling around inside my head and I want to take my time on it! It probably won't be online for another couple of weeks, but I can assure you it will certainly be worth the wait!

I am still really enjoying excercising (spelling?!) my creative writing side - it has been wicked reading all your comments! I am not an arogant person but I love the feeling of recieveing good feedback on the things that I do. It is hard in music and also with the advertising work I do because the feedback in very personal, and if often negative in some way. Whether it is from your lecturer or from a random guy in a bar, it all hits you hard! With this story I have been able to hide behind the characters and this has been a whole new window to explore for me! I have always thought that being an actor would be more powerful and better than being the writer behind the scenes, maybe this isn't the case in the real world!

I have also been pondering something else while I get more and more involved with the story, maybe the Jack and Stephanie saga is reading more like a mini sitcom than a full on novel. I am loving writing the cliff hanger endings and leaving you all hanging on for more, I also like the idea of exploring the other characters I have in my head as well.

I would love to know what you think?!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Chapter Three - Part II

"Alright tits, the NY PD called to let you know there's another girl stood on the sidewalk waiting for a moron to push her in front of a moving vehicle. I told them you were out of the office finding out if your last victim was a success." Mike leaned back in his chair with a cunning grin on his face.

I walked into our office and closed the glass partitioning behind me, to block out the sounds of
rapturous applause that was echoing from the main office. "Told everyone at the agency then Mike?" I asked, putting my bag down on the floor next to my desk.

"Of course, did you expect me to keep it on the down low? This was the highlight of my week!" Mike followed me with a triumphant gaze as I sat down on my chair.

"Well, I might have almost killed the girl, but it got me on a date with her at least. Who is laughing now eh Michael?" I hooted, feeling very proud of myself.

I had confronted Stephanie while she lay stranded on her hospital bed. I figured it was a good time as any to tell her I was sorry and to once again try and get her out on a date. I had told her that I would love to have the chance to get to know her and show her I wasn't a crazed psychopath. She explained that she thought I was incredibly
weird and was successfully giving all British men in the states a bad reputation, but since I had been so persistent she would let me take her out for a coffee once she was back on her feet.

"What have I missed then you useless piece of bearded scrotum?" I asked Mike nicely.

"Well, our favourite client has been on the telephone demanding a meeting with us. I have to admit that he wasn't as amused with the tale of you and your murderous adventure but it has
won us about a weeks worth of time so we have to get onto those storyboards pronto. In other news today, it seems the agency have hired a young and obviously innocent temp girl for the summer, whom I plan to introduce myself to later today." Mike swung his chair around and pointed through the glass at a petite dark haired girl sitting quietly at a desk a few meters from our office. I prayed for her safety.

"Ah wonderful. I am glad you have been keeping busy mate. I need to go through all these emails so piss off and do something constructive with yourself, or at least go and harrass that new temp." I clicked to open my inbox.

I took a sip of coffee and peered down at my screen, I almost choked when I read the subject line of my first email.

From: Stephanie
To: Jack
Subject: To My Assassin

So, I took the initiative to Google you before I met up with you again to check you are who you say you are and won't
kidnap me and take me to Mexico in the trunk of a car. Your an Advertising man I see, that would explain the weird part then.

Meet me outside the Apple store on 5
th Avenue tomorrow at 5 oclock. You don't have to worry about where we will be going from there, leave that to me. I am not sure you wont kidnap me, but I am going to take a chance anyway.

S x

This was it, I had a date set with the grumpy girl from the Empire State Building. Christ, what will I wear?!