Saturday, 2 August 2008

Chapter Three - Part II

"Alright tits, the NY PD called to let you know there's another girl stood on the sidewalk waiting for a moron to push her in front of a moving vehicle. I told them you were out of the office finding out if your last victim was a success." Mike leaned back in his chair with a cunning grin on his face.

I walked into our office and closed the glass partitioning behind me, to block out the sounds of
rapturous applause that was echoing from the main office. "Told everyone at the agency then Mike?" I asked, putting my bag down on the floor next to my desk.

"Of course, did you expect me to keep it on the down low? This was the highlight of my week!" Mike followed me with a triumphant gaze as I sat down on my chair.

"Well, I might have almost killed the girl, but it got me on a date with her at least. Who is laughing now eh Michael?" I hooted, feeling very proud of myself.

I had confronted Stephanie while she lay stranded on her hospital bed. I figured it was a good time as any to tell her I was sorry and to once again try and get her out on a date. I had told her that I would love to have the chance to get to know her and show her I wasn't a crazed psychopath. She explained that she thought I was incredibly
weird and was successfully giving all British men in the states a bad reputation, but since I had been so persistent she would let me take her out for a coffee once she was back on her feet.

"What have I missed then you useless piece of bearded scrotum?" I asked Mike nicely.

"Well, our favourite client has been on the telephone demanding a meeting with us. I have to admit that he wasn't as amused with the tale of you and your murderous adventure but it has
won us about a weeks worth of time so we have to get onto those storyboards pronto. In other news today, it seems the agency have hired a young and obviously innocent temp girl for the summer, whom I plan to introduce myself to later today." Mike swung his chair around and pointed through the glass at a petite dark haired girl sitting quietly at a desk a few meters from our office. I prayed for her safety.

"Ah wonderful. I am glad you have been keeping busy mate. I need to go through all these emails so piss off and do something constructive with yourself, or at least go and harrass that new temp." I clicked to open my inbox.

I took a sip of coffee and peered down at my screen, I almost choked when I read the subject line of my first email.

From: Stephanie
To: Jack
Subject: To My Assassin

So, I took the initiative to Google you before I met up with you again to check you are who you say you are and won't
kidnap me and take me to Mexico in the trunk of a car. Your an Advertising man I see, that would explain the weird part then.

Meet me outside the Apple store on 5
th Avenue tomorrow at 5 oclock. You don't have to worry about where we will be going from there, leave that to me. I am not sure you wont kidnap me, but I am going to take a chance anyway.

S x

This was it, I had a date set with the grumpy girl from the Empire State Building. Christ, what will I wear?!


pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

i love it love it love it ur so creative like seriously creative the story is awsome

The Guess Who # 2 said...

"...the grumpy girl from The Empire State Building."

(I'm going to be honest: I haven't read the previous parts of this..but, now, I will.
This hooked me after the first paragraph.)~~

Thanks, for visiting my blog.
You certainly are very creative.
(And, the band sounds real good, too!)


Polly's Race to Sanity- Are We There Yet? said...

hey buddy,
its great refreashing to say the very least. loved the line about what are you going to wear its awsome

decobooth said...

Great job yet still! You are adding more depth and I'm liking it! I like that you intro'd the new temp too, even if she starts (or stays) as Mike's interest.

I'm wondering if you're going to add in some realism with your ad pitch and/or the new clients, given your talent. I'm really liking that tension thing you've got going with Steph and the main (still no name for him?). And I admit I love the cliffhanger effect of having to wait, but I'm spoiled and I want it and yesterday. Still, waiting is a good thing!

You asked me a while back about a pic hoting site. I use Picasa for my pics. They allow the viewer to click on the pics and enlarge them. My other blog, Gotta Smile, is nothing but pics that make me smile, and they all enlarge with a click. I don't know if that will work for scanned items but I don't see why not. I would really like to see your storyboards though so I hope you can find a way.

Great stuff CS! I expect no less from you!

Steve said...

i love the last sentence. that did it for me lol. can't wait to read more!

Rose Valentine said...

Very good!!!

KARL NOVAK said...

Hey Steve...........where are you coming up with this stuff? It's hilarious! Great reading buddy!

Creative Student said...

Karl, are you getting confused? lol! I am not steve! ;)

KARL NOVAK said...

Creative student,
Yep, I realized that about a nanosecond after I posted and hit the enter button. I guess your story has my mind running wild! LOL Keep up the great work! karl

efa b said...

YAY more finally!!!i love it its soo good im in shock now that there finally dating but im eager to know what happens next tho!!love the last line completly made it perfect!!

Happy-go-Lucky said...

Stunning stunning stunning! As per usual! Love the fact that Stephanie has thrown a curveball into the mix! Nice work. I've posted a new one on mine - check it out if you get a gap. Have a lovely day

Ivy said...

Always a good read.

Mila Cross said...

Hey, long time no see =) Great chapter! haha love the email part, go stephanie! =P can't wait for more


teacherwriter said...

teacherwriter said...
Well, I have spent the evening going back through your story and other posts. At first, when you invited me to read your work and comment on it, I admit I was hesitant...the what-ifs came to mind: what if I don't like it? what if I can't think of anything profound to say? etc. Drum roll please!.......
I like it! It's truly entertaining. Your characters are believable -- complete with flaws and emotions we all can relate to. And the twists, it turns, it surprises, all at a fast, intriguing pace. I love the comic relief -- old, wrinkled drunk lady, the fat guy at the accident site, the dialogue with the nurses, and Jack's phone conversation to Mike after "nearly killing" Stephanie. The only writing critique I could give might be to say, yes, I agree with you about the spelling errors; also, grammar/punctuation errors here and there. Maybe I would add to watch how much description you use...say for instance in Ch. 1 Part I when describing the office. I mean I can't be sure since I don't know where the story will go, but unless the office will play a major roll in the plot, why give so much detail? Stephen King in his book on writing says that you should never lose sight of the story and muddy it with too much description. Also, you should leave some to the reader's imagination. Okay, I've rambled on enough. Hope you really is a good read!
Please visit my blog site at anytime!

P.S. Enjoyed your music style :)

Laureo said...


long time no speak!!

im sorry i havent been on in ages but the story is sounding great! more please!

love :)