Friday, 21 November 2008

Jack, Stephanie And Me Are Entering A Competition!

So, I am entering a big competition that is being held in the UK. The winner gets to help write a mini episode of a teenage comedy-drama called Skins that will promote the coming series and will also be on set to help direct and produce the mini series. It would be an unbelievably amazing opportunity and one which I plan not to miss.

I have to write a 1600 word original script and send it in by December 9th. I only found out about it last night so I am starting the mission today. I have never written a script before so I am a bit anxious. I thought long and hard about a story, plot and narrative to base my script around but was struggling to come up with anything good. Then it hit me . . . JACK AND STEPHANIE! Over the summer those two, and their adventures seemed to be enjoyed by so many readers I thought "Why don't I turn the story into a script?!" I had thought about this before and it is what I am going to do. 

So wish me luck and I will keep you updated on how I do . . . if I win I will keep a diary of all the events that lead up to the ten sessions with the writers of the show and the 4 days of production.

But lets face it . . . I am never going to win am I?!


Laura said...

That's so awesome! Man I love Skins too! :) x

Polly's Race to Sanity- Are We There Yet? said...

hey its been awhile yes but i'm so excited for you this all sounds great so do what you need to do
as for winning why not
i'll be looking foward in reading your script
see ya