Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cool Commentator In New York City

There has been a distinct lack of posts over the last month or so, sorry for that. I have been busy finishing off at university and preparing myself for my big summer long adventure in New York City. If you are new to the blog, I'm moving out to NY for three months to live and work. Just the other day I was informed that my second and longest internship had been cancelled which has left me in a bit of a pickle as I now have 9 weeks in NY with nothing planned - BUT - all is not lost, I have been working some contacts and hopefully have a bigger and better internship on the horizon! HOPEFULLY! So I'm not too worried yet!

So, I fly tomorrow morning at 9.30am UK time and arrive at Newark Int at 12.35pm NY time. I'm EXCITED and PETRIFIED all at the same time, quite an strange feeling to have. I know that once the taxi cab pulls out onto 40th Street W and I get my first view of the city for the third time, the nerves will vanish and I will feel at home again!

Heres the deal, as I will be so busy over the next few months there will be very few posts of interesting, exciting and COOL content from across the web unless something amazing comes my way. I will post the odd update on how everything is going, and if anything funny/interested/extraordinary occurs.

I will be posting REAL TIME updates of my travels, adventures and day-day activities on my twitter feed throughout my trip so if you are at all interested, I strongly suggest that you either follow me, or if you are still not on twitter - get on it and follow me! I will be posting pics and all sorts all the time so I promise it will make for interesting reading. I am #tagging (a twitter term) all related posts and will have a regular picture update session once a day, or when ever I get a moment to upload photos onto my mac from my trips around the city.

Here are all the links you need to find me on twitter:
Click the above link to go straight to my twitter profile and feed. I think you can view it even without following me or having an account!

This is my twitter screen name. If you have a twitter account search for me using this or click on it to go straight to my profile.

This is the #tag that will be used to group all my NYC related tweets together. You can use the twitter search function to find all related tweets I have made.

So for now I will bid you fair well. I'm sure I will be posting now and then while I'm away. I'm doing advertising internships, so things will crop up that are worth posting!

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Steve said...

always wanted to see new its going to be awesome