Thursday, 3 July 2008

Belu Water TV Spot Storyboard

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Here is the first example of my own advertising work you will see on the blog! I showed this to the DCD during Mondays interview.

The ad starts with a man drinking from a Belu Water bottle. He stops half way through and holds the bottle of water infront of him. The bottle quickly begins to biodegrade in his hand and the water and bottle spill through his fingers and onto the ground. From the spot where the bottle and water fell a small shoot begins to grow. This shoot rapily grows and transforms in to a large, green leafed tree. The Belu Water appears in the shot and as the VO reads "Belu Water, doesn't just taste good, it does good too" we see the man walking away from the new tree.

The advert is to promote the special bottle that Belu Water use. It is made from a product of corn and decomposes and biodegrades much quicker than a plastic bottle. I came up with the original idea and original slogan.

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The cup is half full of something I don't like said...

I like the concept. I would suggest a circular reference by having the person in the first shot leaning against a tree (or something tree related).

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