Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pizza Express TV Ad Spot Storyboard

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I first came up with this idea along side one of my class mates. The brief was to advertise the new Romana Pizza Base from Pizza Express. We worked on the concept together and then I drew up the storyboard and came up with the slogan "Romana. The Base of an Empire."

The advert starts with a scene of the Trevi Water Fountain in Rome. In be the background you can see people bussling around and the sounds of the city. Without warning a piece of pepperoni pops out of the fountain. Shortly following this more toppings begin to pop out of the fountain and The Blue Danube begins to play softly in the background. More and more pizza toppings fly from the fountain and tomato sauce begins to explode from the fountain to the crescendo of the music. The camera begins to pan up and we see the fountain turn into a pepperoni pizza. The pizza then appears to be on a table in the Pizza Express restaurant with people taking a piece. The camera pans back down and you watch a scene of a busy restaurant. The Pizza Express logo then appears on the screen followed by the slogan "Romana. The Base of an Empire."


decobooth said...

Well, I would buy it based on this ad! I thought it was very creative and (pardon the pun) quite tasteful! I love the classical elements of it with the scenario and music. I can tell you now, neither I nor my daughters will buy some products based solely on the pitiful excuse for ads they use, and right the opposite, will actually try something because of an ad if I think it's creative enough. You did great! I can't really see the boards all that well and they won't enlarge (or I'm not doing something right) but with your commentary on them both, I got through it perfectly. Great job on both! Is Belu an actual product in the UK (or here in the US for that matter)? I'm tickled to read about a biodegradable bottle!

ellie said...

Nice job. I think you're ready for advertizing. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

i love pizza
i am a giant pizza head

ArmieBrat96 said...

wow that's really creative....i would buy anything you were selling...good work

Lisa said...

Your storyboards are cute and creative, and gives me an idea for teaching 5th graders about advertising. I'm glad I ran across your blog.

joiedevivre said...

hey hi
m a student of media..
ur story boards are nice..
r u a student or a freelancer??

pocketz♥full♥of♥posiez said...

ofcourse people read your posts
that is what blogging is alll about
not to brag but ya, a lot of people adore new york
i have lived here all my life

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