Monday, 23 June 2008

Are Bloggers Really Who They Say They Are?

Everyone talks about paedophiles and the like attracting victims on chat sites and myspace etc. But could it be similar on blogger? Except blogger's who really arn't who they say they are talking about things on their blog that are not true and never actually happened, lulling us into a false sense of security?

Personally I am being very honest in my posts. I am trying to keep myself and any characters mentioned throughout as anonymous as possible to keep people's dignities intact.

What if blogger's arn't being truthful, what if we are living in a surreal and invented world within . . .


Steve said...

I am a pedophile! gaaaah!
haha. Sorry, you make a valid argument in your post. I wonder how many people are like, completely deceitful in their blogs...I bet it's not alot, most of the freaks are on myspace cause the IQ level on there is an average 0, therefore making it easy to pickup 13 year old girls in the park.

Jane said...

Some people are so bored with life that they need to create their own world. Some blog because they have no life, while others blog because life is sometimes to funny to keep it a secret haha.

SavvyD said...

I WISH I made the stuff up that I blog about!!! I blog because these things have to be funny to someone else, too. Now I always keep an eye out for a situation and how I can blog about it.

mirror image said...

Believe me after all my experience of life and worldly affairs in the terms of blogs I can say that they are only two kinds of people who write blogs.
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