Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Is taking over the world one application after another, wouldn't you agree?!


augustyna_d said...

I agree! lol
Scary part is facebook has the potential to ruin your career! At my university a student formed a study group on facebook- students shared notes, ideas.. u know, studied lol. The prof somehow found this group and accused the student of plaigarism :| (or smtn of that sort) and demanded he be expelled from the school. However, our student body argued that facebook is somewhat private- not related to school- a place to socialize (non of the prof's business!). The dude didn't get expelled- just had to shut the group down.

Laura said...

I agree with the augustyna's comment. People often look on your Facebook profiles at university or even sometimes when you're applying for a job. It's getting ridiculous how people are getting hooked on it, and the amount of applications now are getting bigger and bigger, and they're even more useless than ever. Who cares if your best friend's cousin's step-brother's evil twin wants to slap you with a fish?

Tairebabs said...

so true, facebeook is taking over. I used to be so addicted with being on facebook (ask me why now i don't know) but as soon as I discovered blogger I moved on. lol. Anyway, some people have argued that those that spend hours blogging are in no position to criticize facebook. I disagree because I fing blogger to be a means of expanding my mind. very intellectual.