Sunday, 29 June 2008

Chapter One - Part III

I made my way over to the door on the other side of the room and out onto the viewing balcony. The view was, as ever, spectacular. The freezing breeze took me by surprise so I zipped up my coat, pulled on my gloves and moved close to the edge. I looked out south over the city. In the distance I could see the Statue of Liberty, minute from this distance. I peered further over the low wall, the city was busy today. It seemed as though there were more yellow cabs crowding the streets than usual. I began to shiver as I made my way round the square, taking in the view as I went.

As I rounded the corner I spotted the girl I had just met leaning over the wall with a camera in her hand. She was concentrating hard on the small digital screen and was oblivious to everything going on around her. The viewing balcony was quiet, but there was still little space at the walls edge itself. I stood for a moment watching her, stalking her from a distance. I
couldn't decide whether to approach her again or make may way past her and onto the next section to look at the views to the north of the city. I made the decision that was acting in both of our best interests, obviously.

I walked cautiously up behind Stephanie and strained my neck into the bend between her shoulder and neck. “
Whatchadoing?” I whispered.

“HOLY SHIT!” She recoiled with a start. “What the hell do you think you are doing sneaking up on me?” She glared over at me.

Whoa, sorry mate. I diddn’t mean to scare you.” I apologised.

“Jesus, I don’t know what is normal on the other side of the
Atlantic, but over here you can get arrested for stalking people.” She looked down at the small digital camera in her left hand. “You made me almost drop my camera over the edge, it took me months to save up for this. Asshole.” She started to make her way to the door.

I instinctively began following her through the door. I could see that she was not at all happy with me but for some reason this intrigued me, it was not the first time. I had once found myself being chased through the streets of
Liverpool by a group of burly bald headed lads after bumping into a girl in a club and spilling her drink on the floor. The girl spent five minutes spitting abuse in my face, so I decided to follow her back to the bar and ask her out. Turned out she was dating a Muhammad Ali impersonator who was stood a few feet behind me.

“You know you’re kind of rude.” I observed with a smile.

“Yeah, well you’re kind of creepy.” She replied, pressing the elevator button.

I stepped back and took a deep breath, this one was tricky. “You know, I think we have got off on the wrong foot, don’t you? Why don’t I buy you lunch, I know this great place over looking the park.”

“How about you don’t.” She snarled back at me. She glared into my eyes as the elevator door binged closed.

That was it, I had blown it with quite possibly the most beautiful girl I had ever come across, I had no luck in love. I went back outside and stood for another few minutes looking out across the city. I
couldn’t find any inspiration, my mind was too distracted with images of Stephanie, and the inevitable regret that I hadn’t played it cooler and at least got her number.

After picking up a burger and some fries, I made it back to the office within the hour. I walked across the lobby to the elevator. Pressing the button for the 50
th floor I took the final sip of my orange soda.

Venereologist!” Mike shouted over to me as I approached our office.

“What?” I asked, a confused look on my face.

“The medical title for a penis doctor is
Venereologist. I found it on Wikipedia mate.”

“Time well spent while I have been gone then Mike, as usual.” I smiled.


amazinglyalexis? said...

wow, nice story,
thanks for the comment!
ur blog is pretty amazing!

Steve said...

i like the story alot, it seems like it's getting better each installment. this guy must be having a shitty day! i like how the end of this one brings it back around to the whole joke about the penis doctor. is that a reoccurring theme? haha it's really funny. i like how you add realism to the character by bringing up his past with the girl with the muhammad ali impersonator, hilarious! i can't wait for the next one!

xxCLAiiRExx said...

Wow! Nice story!
Thx for commenting!
No, I wish they were playing over here.
I LUV them!!
Which one do u like the best?


Lloyd O Boyette said...

great addition. Where did Penis Doctor come from and who are your characters? Based on life events or purely fictional?

efa b said...

im lovin it!!!it has to be said you have sucha a talent you shud really consider become a wirter as a side line thing you never kno!!!
so far im completly lost in the story and i can't wait for the next part im dying to read i wonder does he ever get to see stephanie again hehe!!!
ps. wasn't i promised a link lol

☮savana☮ said...

neat story!yeah the uk sounds cool and it's really hot here in louisiana!thanx for the comment:]
talk to ya lata!

Laureo said...

=] yes yes yes! x

mirror image said...

Letting everyone guess what next, I like the way you write in intallments. If you have visited my blog you will see i am inspired by your way in story telling. And the way you used the "*****" for medical term is couragenous on your part, coz i cant. It's koool man! I am waiting for the next section. I dont know about UK or other side of Atlantic, but I am sure had it been India, Stephanie would have not only slapped but god knows.....what else..(lol)

Joe2758 said...

You're a really good writer. I'll be checking back for the next installment. Thanks for commenting on my blog too, everyone likes to know that someone is actually reading this shit.

Mila Cross said...

Funny story and so well written! I love it =) Visit my site if you can:


decobooth said...

HA!! LOVED the ending of this one! I was reading it to my daughter, she enjoyed it too (it's ok, she's 18). I especially liked the way you had my hopes up for the character with Steph, but then dropped them in the dirt when she rejected him, but then had me laughing with the venereologist line from Mike and your character's retort back at him! (You Brits have such a wit) That's what I enjoy, a twist and a pull, and then a good laugh! Emotion-evoking, very good!