Monday, 22 June 2009

The Fire Is Out But The Night Life Burns On

Well, last week was quite a week. Going from good to bad, bad to excellent, excellent to okay, okay to shit and then back to excellent again. It was heavily alcoholic, for me it was actually pretty emotional at times and the amount of hangovers was just not cool.

So the fire has been put out before anyone got too burnt. Miss Texas and I will be staying great friends but will not be taking it any further. We hung out at the museum of natural history on Sunday and it was grand. Though her British accent leaves a little to be desired. It is for the best that we don't keep stoking the fire and as the saying goes, what will be will be. I can't lie, I was gutted. I'm getting on with it now though of course, and have met some FUN ladies over the weekend. I couldn't help caring so much for Miss Texas, it was unexpected, unplanned and hard to control and reminded me just how crap feelings can actually make you feel sometimes. I'm in New York to have fun and adventures, not get hung up on one girl, no matter how lovely that girl maybe. She lives in Texas, and me in England for goodness sake!

Plenty more fish in the New York pond and all that.

So on top of all these crazy feelings-related things going on, there were some awesome nights out last week! Met so many cool people, learnt to play Beer Pong, got within 20 feet of Lauren Conrad, walked past Jodie Foster, watched some ladies dance on a bar, met a lovely bar girl from Canada and ran into some girls I met the first weekend I went out in the East Village which was nice. We discovered many new and wonderful bars and places, spent $60 on a bottle of wine and all sort of other random crazyness! The hangovers nearly did kill me though, especially at work so that will not be happening again this week. We need to start doing some things that don't involve getting drunk and actually seeing some more of the city - though maybe the nights out are just too fun?!

I am LOVING that I'm literally not stopping! I have spent a good year being a bum at home, not doing ANYTHING worth talking about except the odd few nights and it has been such a waste of my life. I need to keep this up when I get back to England.

Work is still fantastic, had a nice beer with the CD and Intern 01 on Tuesday evening - we were meant to be brain storming but ended up just chatting about this and that. I also had a lovely dinner on Friday afternoon to celebrate Project Manager 01's One Year Anniversary at the agency. Loads to do and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

I don't quite have a plan of action for after the summer, I have a few ideas floating around in my head but nothing quite set in stone. I already know how HARD it is going to be when I get back and find myself in the country side of Shropshire with NOTHING to do. I won't bore you with my moanings, but it ain't gonna be good!

So what have we learnt? Well, don't allow yourself to care about a girl too much when you only have 8 weeks before you end up 7000 miles apart! And don't waste your life because it is too short!

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