Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The First Night Of Four That Wiped Me Out

So, at the start of the previous post I was raving about how much of a difference a couple days off the ale can make and that I couldn't keep it up for 7 weeks...well one thing lead to another and the run of sobriety ended abruptly on Wednesday night.

So, my friend, K, managed to get a list at a club called The Anchor on Spring street in Soho. It's a good spot and a celeb fave so I thought this was pretty good and offered my help with promoting it. He got some flyers printed up and on Wednesday night we went around our accommodation putting them under doors, handing them out to fellow interns and sticking them to walls, the usual. We decided to head outside and flyer on the street to people who looked like returning interns. Upon going through the rotating door of the New Yorker Hotel we were accosted by two people offering us free tickets to some fashion show going on upstairs in the hotel, we asked if there was any nuditiy, they assured us there would be some, so we agreed and headed up.

Well, we found ourselves in a room of 30 black people (I'm not racist you understand, but when your the only two white guys sat at the front of the black-orientated fashion show you feel a little out of your confort zone, and that maybe you just look like a perve?!) So we watched the fashion feeling a little awkward, the music was played on an ipod...the rest is history. We left soon after and I quickly changed then made my way on my own to meet H, her boyfriend MJ and all the girls who were out at Van Diemens on 3rd and 27th.

As soon as I walked into the bar one of the bar girls was in my personal space asking if I wanted a drink. I thought this was a bit scary at first, but she soon came running back asking where I was from and why I was in New York. We proceeded to talk most of the night in fact, I will call her KVD, she was really, really cool and we got on really well. She plied me with strong vodka and cokes and I plied her with money. We eventually left Van Diemens and moved onto Joshua Tree. I stayed back for one more drink with MW (H's friend from school) for one more drink, we said we wanted to wait for our two friends (J and Miss Texas) who were talking to some lads claiming to be basketball players here for the draft...they wern't. I was actually hanging around to talk to KVD some more, and after knowing Miss Texas's drink out of her hand we all moved up to Josh Tree.

This is where my memory kind of evaporated. I remember having a couple of drinks, meeting a group of lads from England, talking to Miss Texas and taking a couple of random pictures in our usual spot.

Later, everyone was almost on the floor so people started to head out and back to the hotel...I decided that I wanted to go back to Van Diemens and see KVD one more time, so I dragged K, H, MJ, and MW back with me. I soon realised on the walk down that we had lost J and Miss Texas (everyone else had already gone back) and I became convinced that they had been kidnapped or had gone home with some creepers...I tried texting and calling to no avail. I soon forgot though as I talked to KVD some more.

I finally got in around 3:30am and passed out on my bed after trying J and Miss Texas one more time...it turns out both their phones died. Typical.

The Second Night Of Four That Wiped Me Out will air tomorrow.

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