Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Well, it is amazing what a couple of days off from drinking can do for your psychi, health and happyness. I have been off the ale since Saturday night and it is now Wednesday, and I really do feel like a new man. It's been great going out and getting ABLITERATED all across Manhattan every night but it just can't be kept up for the next 7 weeks.

Staying in has not been too bad at all. Sunday evening saw me being dragged to see The Proposal by H. It was alright but for some reason the cinema was filled with people who laughed hysterically at people's facial expressions ALL THE DAMN TIME, and I was sat next to a chinese couple who would not shut the hell up.

Monday saw a little shopping trip around midtown with H. I couldn't be bothered going at first but it ended up being quite good. I got some new stuff, as did she and we got some good food from The Bread Factory on the way home. The downside was being dragged into a HUGE Victorias Secret on Herald Square and getting stuck in the turn-stile doors with my bags in front of a huge group of women, who were all laughing at me. Yeah.

Tuesday began with the vision of going out and drinking, but ended with me sat watching Role Models on my trusty Mac. The film was alright, but the sleep afterwards was much better. I'm finally getting to sleep quickly, and waking up maybe once or twice when a fire engine comes buzzing past the hotel. It is BLISS! I wake up around 8am feeling refreshed and even more alive than the day before, and the rings under my eyes are slowly evapourating.

So today it is Wednesday, the office is empty and I have nothing to do. The agency have one of their BIG events in town - The Piticure. It is a new experiential-stand-alone event supported by a whole host of digital and print material. It is to launch and sample Dove's new Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodrant range. The team have been working on it for almost a year and it has finally reached New York. The structure offers women (and men if they really want) a Piticure - a Manicure for your underarms. They get a massage and all sorts of other things like that along with a free sample pack. The event looks great and I will hopefully be headed down to see it for myself later today. If you are in New York, it is on Fulton St near the South Street Seaport.

I'm on a serious hunt for hairdressers/barbers today. My hair is getting WAY too long and needs to be sorted pronto. I'm heading up Spring Street in Soho during my lunch break to seek out one I have found online and also find a bar I'm meant to be headed to tonight for food and drinks. I should be heading into a new area of Soho for me today, so hopefully I will see my usual assortment of crazyness.

Speaking of crazyness, how the hell do people sleep on the subway when it is crammed with about 1000 people?! I only have a short ride downtown from 34th to Spring but the short trip always conjures up some sights - whether it be someone sleeping with the head on their lap (probably missing their stop) or a gorgeous girl sat further down the carriage...I really enjoy taking it all in.

That's all for now, the end of the week should be a bit more exciting than the start so hold tight for another update!

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