Thursday, 2 July 2009

The Second Night Of Four That Wiped Me Out

So Wednesdays antics left me feeling a little worse for wear on Thursday. Work was a struggle with bouts of nausea followed my stomach cramps, not to mention the heat in and out of the office. But once again by 4pm I was feeling right as rain and ready for another night out.

I mentioned in the last post that my friend was promoting a night at The Anchor. Well that night was tonight (Thursday) and so I rushed to the hotel to change and go get food with H, MJ and B and then jumped onto the E train downtown to Spring street. We found The Anchor hiding on the corner of Spring and Greenwich Streets. It simply had a ships anchor above a big non-descript door. We went over and went was dead. K and G were there with some of their friends from MTV. It was a $20 cover open bar for the first hour we were there so we made the most of it, fitting in around 7 drinks before the time was up.

As we sat sipping our final virtually free drink the first celebrity of the evening walked in, although I was oblivious. It was the actor who plays "The Most Interesting Man In The World" on the Dos Saccis (the beer, probably spelt wrong here) advert. He was strutting around with two young girls and the first thought that popped into my head was "dick" but how wrong an English boy could be.

I strolled over to the old gent a little while later as the club began to fill up and stretched out my hand, and uttered "So, I hear your famous? I don't know who you are though." We went on to chat for a while about acting, about New York, about England and about his life. He was thoroughly interesting and a really nice bloke. He explained that there was actually a rap party going on for a film he had just been in, although I recognised no faces. But hey, I was from England and just liked the fact I could now boast that I had been to a NYC movie rap party.

The BIG news of the night was that Paul Rudd (Hollywood Actor if you please) was meant to be coming to the club around 11pm. We were all sat around patiently awaiting his arrival. 11pm came and went and Paul never showed...typical. I later found out there was another big celebrity party happening somewhere in the city, where possibly Cameron Diaz was attending...damn, I knew I had made the wrong decision.

The night flew by. Drinks were flying and we were all having so much fun. Almost all our friends turned up at some point and we danced the night away in a little corner on some couches. It was grand. I met a random blonde girl who had the same hat as another blonde girl so I felt it was my duty to inform her. I "cock blocked" K with a 26 year old girl who looked like Lilly Allen. She then took me outside and forced a cigerette into my hand and just started telling everyone how cute I this point I decided I had had enough of her and went back inside.

Later in the night H and MJ decided they wanted to go meet a friend of H's uptown at a bar on 3rd ave. I stayed behind with K and G for a bit but the club began to quieten a little bit so decided I would head uptown myself and see what was going on. It was now about 2am. The taxi ride was a nightmare and I ended up directing the driver on a better and much quicker route to 3rd ave. Once I met H and MJ at a bar called Plug Uglies I realised I had made another bad decision as they were playing some game called "Shuffle Board" with some random guy. I stood and watched for a while getting more and more bored and soon decided it was time for me to make a move.

The move, as it turned out, was not a good one. I was drunk, really very drunk right now and had been texting KVD all night as she was working at Van Diemens. I knew Van Diemens was only a short trip north on 3rd from where I was and I figured she would still be working so I left Plug Uglies and stumbled my way up the road. I finally made it to Diemens and walked inside. As it turns out her shift had ended and she had gone home. Now, a sober man would just walk back out and jump into a cab and get to bed as they have work at 9.30am the next day and it was gone 3am but as I was hammered I thought it best to sit down and have another drink. I sipped the drink, sat on my own at a bar with 5 other men...I had officially hit a new low and will never do that again.

Third night coming soon...

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