Monday, 6 July 2009

The Fourth Night Of Four That Wiped Me Out

By this point I had suffered three intense hangovers, recovered, and done it all again. Tonight saw a group of us pre-gaming in H's room with some vodka and orange juice. The pre-game turned into a bit of a party with a good 12 people in H's room shouting over each other. The plan was simple - get drunk and go to the Coyote Ugly Saloon on 2nd Avenue.

We got the E train to 14th, and then the L to 3rd Ave and walked the rest of the way. The subway ride saw a very drunk B pole dancing and a very drunk KV joining him. Everyone on the train hated us for sure. We got to the saloon and I immediately wanted to leave.

The bar girls were less than hot, the "punters" were mostly over weight, balding, sweaty, scary looking and perverted. We got drunks and settled in to watch the mayhem. KV and the french girls were drunk enough to get up on the bar and gave it their all to get a free shot. An odd gentlemen tried to help the girls (who were all wearing skirts) up onto the bar and soon one of the french girls had to be removed from the bar as she was about to fall off it. She later fell asleep in the street. The girls were awarded with a shot from the bar girl and soon a guy at the other end of the bar was having his clothes ripped off, getting whipped and having a shot spat into his mouth by a bar girl. All very moving, but I have had more fun.

We moved on to try and go to my favourite bar in the city so far, Phebes. We got there, B and E left and after a moment of queing we went round the corner to another bar. I wasn't really feeling it in there. It was crowded, and the people wouldn't move out of your way. The music was good though to be fair. I sat drinkless whilst everyone had a beer, I think it may have come across that I was in a mood but I wasn't, I just wanted to go to Phebes...

And so we went over to Phebes. Soon U and I got to talking to two girls. One was very short, the other really quite tall. I liked the short one myself and she was really good fun! We chatted and danced around a bit. What we were talking about and dancing to escapes both U and myself. I got the short girls number and have heard her from once since. Oh well. The love life has progressed slightly from then already as it is now over a week since I was wiped out.

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