Wednesday, 8 July 2009

A Summary Of An Eventful Week And A Bit

Ok so since the big wipe out quite a lot has happened, once more. Let me attempt to summerise and shout about the main points before I forget.

So, the plan was to stay off the drink until Thursday...this lasted all of two days as I followed the girls of the New Yorker over to Van Diemens for Kareoke. B, M and U came along for the ride too. Long story short, the girls were hammered early on, I got hammered too with some free drinks, kareoke was cancelled which sucked some what so in the end we went down to Wicked Willies to play beer pong. Miss Texas could not get in, and by this point it was only me, H and J still out, U joined us again a little later. H and J went off to talk to random men to try and get some drinks bought for them, leaving me on my own. I met some Irish guys who I thought lived in the same area as some friends of mine, they diddn't. I then met a lovely bargirl selling jello shots, or which I had a few to keep her chatting for a bit. Her name was Chelsea. I was then asked to play beer pong with some random yanks who needed an extra player so I was happy to get stuck in and not be a loner anymore. I beat them with a little help from U. We headed back at a reasonable time of 2am to the hotel to find Miss Texas sat eating a free meal with an old gentlemen who may have wanted to rape her...we helped her escape but she and J soon ended up back there. I went to bed to later be awoken by Miss Texas and J who forced me to "camp out" on my bedroom floor with them. My back is still in a mood with me now.

On Wednesday I managed to have a well earned night off after a particularily nasty hangover from Tuesdays drinking and lack of sleep.

Thursday brought around an early finish for 4th July, some drinks with the Cunning team at Franellis on Prince and Mercer. After this I changed in the office and went with some work friends to Williamsburg in Brooklyn on the train that goes over the Williamsburg bridge which was cool! We wandered around Brooklyn and went to a Mexican place and had some food and frozen Margeritas! After this I ran to reach the L train back to Manhattan in the rain and soon made it to The Anchor where I found H and B hammered at 8pm. I soon left The Anchor and went back to Franellis and got a drink there with H's friend MW and shared some onion rings. I soon went back to get H and B but found they had gone. Thankfully U had arrived and taken them elsewhere. We ended up at Wicked Willies, got bored and soon moved onto Phebes. Once in here M, B and E joined us and I was still sober. People flitted off into their own things and I wound up hanging around. Soon U had had enough of all the folk more drunk than us and so we got talking to two girls. One of them was particularily lovely, she shall be called TA. We chatted about all sorts for hours, we had so much in common is was great! Loved the same music, she wants to be a writer, studies at NYU (not that we have that in common of course) and was generally a cute, sweet, nice girl who seemed a lot different to the others I have met so far.

Soon people left, first my friends and then hers and it was just the two of us. In the end I walked her home to 14th Street talking about all sorts, including architecture which was very cool! We had a little kiss out on 14th street and she was gone. I went home feeling like I had had a damn good night. I knew I wanted to see her again, and I diddn't have to wait long...

Friday flew by as I slept off a weeks worth of early mornings and late nights! Before I knew it it was midnight and I was stood in G's room sipping on a vodka coke with way too many guys. Myy quote for the evening was "this room is just a varitable array of cultural cock" which with my accent cracked the american boys up! We finally headed out downtown towards The Village Lantern but found it to be dead. Long story short, G lost his phone (but got it back again!) we tried a bar opposite Phebes, but it was $10 a drink so soon enough we ended up at Phebes where I had planned to meet up with TA. I ended up walking straight past her in a wave of being a moron but she grabbed my arm and we got to talking again. She had just had a LOT of money stolen from her purse so I tried to cheer her up with some English humour...I hope it worked. Her friends soon dragged her off to another bar but as she left she turned, grabbed my hand and squeezed it. As I said before, she is too cute!

I have to mention here that TA is studying in London for three months from around the time I get home. She also REALLY likes ketchup with foods you shouldn't really have it with, just like me. Match made in heaven? haha I don't know...time will tell. I have not seen TA again since but we have been texting and talking online a lot which is great, and unusual for these american girls it seems! We shared playlists on and I spat out another classic quote..."I don't let many girls put their playlists on my pandora!" which sounded way ruder than it was intended to! I see TA again this coming Thursday at The Anchor and I'm really looking forward to it!

This post has gotten too long, I will conclude the week with stories from July 4th and Tuesday night just gone. Lovely.

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