Thursday, 9 July 2009

A Summary Of An Eventful Week And A Bit Continued...

So the 4th July had arrived. I had been in the states, Florida to be exact, a couple years ago for 4th July but it was nothing compared to the 4th in New York.

So the day got off to a bad start - I was hungover and unwell. I finally got out of the room around 3pm and went up and met up with K and G and their french friend EL. We wandered up to Columbus Circle and made our way into central park. Here we came across all manner of madness, most notably a crazy cool skating ring with a DJ and some totally insane characters and people just dancing around. We perched on a hill and settled down for a while. It was nice and chilled and gave me a chance to get to know K and G better. We walked further into the park and got to the lake and watched people in boats which was pretty funny! We then went back to the Hotel where I met H's sister JE properly, I had met her earlier but was too ill to talk to her properly. They were pregaming but I was off the drink for now. We made out way over to the fireworks display on the Hudson. We sat down on 29th and 12th and waited almost 2 hours for the show to start - it did at 9.20 and was truely awesome! After they were finished we headed back to the hotel and had some drinks before heading out and having a quick drink in Van Diemens and then went to Joshua Tree where we all got drunk and danced the night away to 80s classics! It was a lot of fun but quite uneventful really!

Sunday saw another hang over and another trip up to Central Park where we watched a bunch of cool street performers and wandered around! We made out way out into the Upper East Side and hunted for food before coming back to 34th and 8th and ate at Jimmys BBQ and had a laugh! Garrett was being pretty damn funny but we are all tired. We headed back to the hotel and just chilled out for the rest of the night. I watched a film called Seven Pounds (Will Smith) and thought it was very profound and a bit touching. I then had a shit nights sleep due to roadworks going on outside.

On Monday I worked. I then went and did laundry with B. This turned out to be more eventful than I was expecting as I walked right past a drumming idol of mine - Abe Laboriel Jr - who plays for Paul McCartney amongst others. I was too star stuck to talk to him, and he had headphones in so I did not want to disturb him. I wish I had now. Later I went to see the Carolina girls who are completely nuts, but quite funny when they want to be too! The night came to a close with a mammoth conversation with TA over facebook late into the night exchanging playlists and talking about all kinda of things. I felt 16 all over again but it was great.

Tuesday involved more work and then a kareoke comp at Van Diemens. The Carolina girls were shockingly hammered wayyy to early on, including Miss Texas. I had fun singing all kinds of songs all night including Wonder Wall, Don't Stop Believing, You're The One That I Want, Proclaimers, The Darkness and some others! Myself and U met two girls from Pennsylvania who came in to join the fun, they were a great laugh and I got their numbers down. Doubt we will ever see them again though!

So here we are on Wednesday evening. I had a bad hangover today once again, but had a good two hour creative meeting and helped set up the new Cunning Tumblr page for internal creative content we want to share with the rest of the team. I was also told that a BIG client I did some idea work for in my first couple of weeks REALLY LOVE one of MY ideas and are thinking about going forward with it in Dubai! Woo!!

Big night at The Anchor tomorrow, seeing TA again...I wonder what I will be writing about this time on Friday! Stay well!

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