Monday, 6 July 2009

The Third Night Of Four That Wiped Me Out

So this night, Friday June something or other saw all venture out downtown. We ate at a bar called Firefly on Spring St in Soho and then meandered our way over to The Village Lantern. On our way we passed Wicked Willies which we had heard of before and as it seemed to be busseling we went in. In there we found a live band playing covers (mainly of MJ) and a bunch of beer pong tables. It was $4 for a rum and coke which was a nice little earner for our livers. Hours and hours past, I played beer pong with G and met a few random people.

The night progressed and we all got thoroughly drunk once again and danced the night away. There was a posh lounge at the back of the bar where me, G and K chilled out in and boogied around. We attempted to infiltrate a group of pretty looking girls to find them completely uninterested and more than boring so that conversation came to an abrupt end.

We ventured over to Village Lantern to find it empty, completely empty so back to WW's we went and finished of the night. Tonight was good fun but lacked any crazy happenings like so many of my nights out in New York City.

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