Thursday, 2 April 2009

Listen To Your Lips

Here is a short but sweet new advert for Baileys. I have posted it because I'm obsessed with the music and general sound within the ad, especially at the end after the "drop" of baileys into the glass. You will understand what I mean when you hear it!

In other news...I'm sorry for not replying to any comments/generally reciprocating all the attention the blog has been getting! I will be back on top of this next week when I'm home! Doing something really cool with a Macbook next week that I've just bought on ebay so I will have to post up some pictures when I'm done!

Finally, I have been monitoring traffic to the blog these past couple of weeks and it has been really interesting to see where people are visiting from. Some people are even finding me randomly on ebay when searching for storyboards etc which is crazy cool!

1 comment:

Faker said...

I want some baileys now... :(