Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Augmented Reality Goes A Step Further

Not long ago I brought to you the phenomenon of Augmented Reality and how advertisers and marketers were beginning to exploit it within campaigns. Well I can now bring to you this, Topps 3D Trading Cards. This won't mean much for British readers but you can still appreciate the awesomeness of it! Here you have Augmented Reality being used in consumer market's.

A company named Total Immersion are leading the way with Augmented Reality and have come up with and developed these amazing 3D trading cards, with which the user can then interact on a gaming type platform through their computers. Amazing.

Just think of the possibilities ahead...full 3d augmented reality games? I can see it already! I can also think of some great ways to advertise these new cards!


Faker said...

I remember learning about augmented reality in my second year at uni. The best thing I loved about it was making your own lightsabers!

Kye said...

Wow, that's freakin awesome! haha. I betcha that'll cost a pretty penny to own.