Sunday, 22 March 2009

Augmented Reality

The rules of advertising are changing, and they are changing rapidly! Advertisers have to be constantly aware and up to date with new trends in technology, and here is the newest conception...


Now, I am no expert on this, but here is what I understand . . . this technology was invented by the military and has since been pushed through into games development. I hear through the grape vine that software companies are developing games that use your surroundings as a back drop and place 3D simulations right in front of you.

Basically, you hold or place a piece of card with a particular pattern on it into a room and when you wear special goggles, or look at it with a special camera, a 3D object that is programmed to recognise the pattern appears.

Here is an extract about how an energy company is exploiting this new tech to advertise a new service...

Augmented reality is getting increasingly more buzz and we've seen all kinds of applications. Recently the baseball trading cards application got flagged as featured on By the way, this site's video gallery features many great examples smartly categorized in its digital marketing, events, consumer products... sections.

So it's great to see one of the most 'serious' categories and companies in the world to be creative with this technology. On a new GE Energy website promoting its Smart Grid windmill technology you can print out a special marker that looks like a solar panel and when keeping it in front of your webcam, it will bring to live smart grid on your screen... featuring even a cute scare crow. You can also blow into your computer's microphone to make the turbines spin faster.

Advertising that smartly uses technology to create an involving experience people want to spend time with is certainly one way to get your target audience notice your advertising more. P.S. I love the fact that the site also mentions how the experience was created...



Elise said...

Technology is moving at a seriously fast pace. The concept is amazing! xx

Lou said...

I agree with the last comment, this concept is unbelievable! Seriously, there's only one word for the people who come up with this: genius!

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I'm always pleased to meet new people! :)