Monday, 16 March 2009

Human Tetris

Well this is just awesome! HUMAN TETRIS!! Holy moly this takes me right back to my childhood, I spent HOURS playing on this game on the original game boy.

I hear it is the 4th video performance of the GAME OVER project directed by a Swiss artist by the name of Guillaume Reymond.

What do you reckon? I love a good bit of stop frame animation! Something like this, put into context, could make a bloody good advert!! If you could work it so that this was done LIVE in a area of high foot traffic it would be a HIT!


E_M_Y said...

i got to watch this in class once, on one of those giant eletronic white boards. epic!
have you seen the building one?

E_M_Y said...

i saw your thing for those awesome trousers in the hlep group thing!
i really hope they get produced!

E_M_Y said...

They would still be pretty epic even if the keybaord didn't work!