Thursday, 19 March 2009

Extreme Sheep Herding

I think this is fantastic. It's amazing what some people can do we LED's, sheep and a bit of imagination! This is a viral video made for Samsung. I think it definitely works. What do you reckon?

I would love to one day have a hand in making something as epic as this!


Christine said...

OMG!!!! that was freaking fantastic!!! I am begging you please to give the link for this ... I would love to e-mail this to a friend or two!!!!

teague said...

this is crazy! i really enjoy your site!
keep coming back to mine, and tell all your friends! i'm drafting a piece about this weird, weird world i've stumbled into and will include an extra link to your page, (among others) cuz it's awesome!

MACK said...

I saw this earlier today. it is amazing, and must have taken an incredible amount of time and patients. I agree it would be great to be a part of developing something on this scale.