Tuesday, 31 March 2009

McCann Erickson Placement and Print Ads

First off...check out this print ad above you here! How awesome is this?! I have neglected looking at awesome print adverts so here is a little taster! You can't deny they are all pretty cool! I have picked these ones because not only are they VERY clever in concept and copy, but their execution and composition is just ore inspiring! Agree?

So, I am two days into my first ever placement at an ad agency - McCann Erickson Comms House, Manchester. It is going really well so far. I have been working on a brief for anti-drug driving, and will be getting a new brief to get stuck into tomorrow as well. Thankfully my creative juices have been flowing!

This morning I had a chat with and went through one of the art directors "books" (industry term for portfolio) to put it bluntly - it was amazing!! So much work and effort had been put in and the guy was just full of quirky cool ideas. It really kicked me up the ass. I am taking my own book in tomorrow for him to have a look at, and maybe some others too which is bit daunting but I am going to tell them to rip me to shreds on it because it is crap and they know what they are talking about!

So, not much else to say really! Going great so far, and I'm slowly getting to know people - everyone is so busy that it's hard to get a good convo in a lot of the time!

So enjoy the ads I have posted here and let me know what you think!

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