Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Fcuk "Imagiplore" Billboard Mock Up's

So I thought I would share with you what I have spent my monday evening doing. Here are the mock-ups for the billboard element to a campaign I am doing for university at the moment. I have been working with my usual creative partner on this but I have actually had most of the influence on the concept, the copy and the execution.

I won't go into the boring details here, and the ad would make more sense if you were to see the TV ad spot we put together (undecided if I will blog this or not) but I am quite happy with how these mock ups have come out.

THe campaign is very copy driven, which (for non-advertising savvy folk) means the text on the advert/slogan's/tag-lines etc. The copy is helped along with the intriguing gentlemen in the forefront of the frame (my friend Liam.) He is the main focal point in the TV spot and reads a monologue to camera, hence why it makes more sense as a full campaign.

Let me explain the use of Audrina Patridge from The Hills. We had trouble with the models for the shoot (long story) so we had to use Liam and then find the right sort of image, sadly this came with Audrina's face and body...but we plan to blag this during the presentation by suggesting we have used her as a celebrity endorsement to the campaign.

There is also an ambient event incorporated into the campaign, a bit of GUERILLA advertising!


Christine said...

WOW .... I am so impressed ... again. You did this ... big wow!

Cait said...

It looks great. I think it would be hard..especially, billboards.

You have to watch "I love you, man"..see the billboards in that movie.

SquirrelQueen said...

My background is marketing, specializing in shelf placement but i find all phases of advertising facinating. I would love to see the TV ad for this.
PS, one of my favorite books on the subject is Guerilla Marketing.