Thursday, 26 March 2009

Crude But Funny

So I first heard about this on the radio. Let me explain...a student went up onto the flat part of his parents roof late one night and painted this large penis. His parents were clueless to the prank and the penis went unnoticed until a helicopter pilot was so amused he contacted the owners of the house. Apparently the pranked parents then rang up their sun, who was taking a gap year traveling around the world, and asked him if he knew anything about it and got the reply "Ah, so you found it then?" This was a whole YEAR after the penis appeared.

The image you see there is actually taken from Google Earth. It seems this story is actually spreading across the internet in quite a viral fashion. I just love how things get spread across the internet so quickly. No doubt one or two of you will tell someone about this where ever you are and BOOM it has spread even further.

I think this student is a genius. Fact.


Christine said...

My eyes.....My eyes!

Francois said...

Things spread awfully fast on the net! Wonder if his parents were amused by the drawing?

housewife said...

LOVE IT!......why didnt i think of doing that wen i lived at home...umm i have a white paint...see u later im off to draw a giant cock on my roof!

lisa x