Friday, 20 March 2009

Signs For Schweppes

Ok so this is a short film made as part of a new campaign for Schweppes. The campaign is to reposition Schweppes as a soft drink for adults. The drinks company launched a website called the Schweppes Short Film Festival and commissioned five directors to create short films aimed at a "mature audience".

The short film Signs quickly made it over on youtube to their top 10 and has had nearly a million hits VERY quickly. Each video has a "Schhhh" moment, and each has some very clever and subtle product placement.

The films are also going to be cut into short adverts and aired globally, they hope. So far the campaign has only been rolled out through Eastern Europe but they hope to take it global asap.

I love the Signs. It kept me hooked and I seriously recommend watching it if you have 10 minutes to spare! Another great example of alternative advertising techniques! A lot of thought has gone into this campaign and I hope it pays off for them!

Schweppes Short Film Festival

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Christine said...

So that was neat. Loved the signs too.
I wonderful if we will get to see the couple progress?