Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Rolling Adverts

So, this kind of fits in with the over all title of this blog . . . guerilla advertising . . . in this clip are a few quirky examples of moving adverts. Adverts stuck on the back of lorries basically. But I thought these ones were quite cool, and just a little bit different so please observe with pleasure and let me know what you think!

It is a strange thing to be interested in advertising, but in truth it is ALL around us - you take in over 1500 ads a day without realising it. When you pass a car on the road, it could be considered to be an advert - especially when one is broken down or on fire, that tells you NOT TO BUY IT!

P.S. Appreciate the music in the background of this clip. It makes it I think.


Christine said...

Boy, it was har to pick a favorite.
Loved the first one, then the one with the truck driver in the back, and the big aqurium was a trip ...

great post!

MACK said...

Those are great. and a great Idea, But, They would never be allowed here in the U.S. Some over Zealous regulator would say it was unsafe or something, and the truck companies would be forced to remove the paint job