Friday, 27 March 2009

When Alcoholics Get Bored

I have been hearing through the grape vine that a lot of people reckon this could be the next "viral video" to hit the net running. I would have to agree, it is bloody incredible! I won't spoil the post by saying much more than this.

Now go and spread the word, tell your friends and make sure they watch it on GUERILLA BLOGGING! - just copy and paste them that link!


teague said...

i am totally spending my morning sending this out!
wow! some people have WAY to much time!

Francois said...

Wow! I whish I had so much time!

Luis Pacheco said...

This is the way !
Alcoolic boredom rules!Ah,, ah!
By the way, you follow my blog now, i've put the following box.
Check it out!
...maybe you can post one of my drawings in this blog!
Stay cool,man!

Christine said...

I saw this last week .... very funny.

SquirrelQueen said...

Too funny, I am sending this out to everyone right now.

Kye said...

Hahaha oh my god- that has to be one of the most epic feats in american history

weddingplanner said...

looks just like another saturday night in my house xxx

housewife x

ellie said...

You can always find them. Funny!

SavvyD said...

Too funny! A whole new meaning to 99 bottles of beer on the wall.