Saturday, 14 March 2009

The City That Never Sleeps

Coming up are some of my favorite images/places in New York.

Times Square from the box office steps. The buzz, the lights, the ticket touts, the insanity. What's not to love?!

I believe this is the IBM tower behind the Apple Store on 5th Avenue. Standing on that corner, on 59th and 5th just astounds me. The numerous views you can get from that one spot is intoxicating.

Another view from that same spot by the Apple Store. The famous Plaza Hotel next to one of my top 5 scrapers in the city. I don't know much about this building, all i know is that it is buildings go of course!

The view from a 16th storey bedroom in the hotel we stayed at on E 40th and Lex. It had been snowing and raining all day and the Empire State slowly dissapeared through the evening. Earlier in the day I had a breath taking view of the south of Manhattan from Cunning in Soho during my interview. I didn't take a picture at the time - thankfully I'm working there for three weeks later this year so I have plenty of time.

Bank of America Tower at Bryant Park. Arguably my favorite building in the city, and I think the greenest sky scraper in the world! I watched a documentary on the building of it and have been infatuated ever since, luckily it was only 4 blocks from the hotel. Just check out the clarity of that blue sky if you please.

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Stephanie said...

I was there a year ago today! I want to go back =[